Clusters of Eyes // Megzbow & Vinegar Tom // AllGods (DJ Set) // Projections from Lucy Foster

Friday 31st May


Open 5pm // Event from from 8pm

Clusters of Eyes

Celebrating the release of the debut EP ‘Dare To Exist’. 

Two brothers versus the machines. Clusters of Eyes debuted at Smugglers Festival 2018 and have since been inhabiting coastal Kent’s subterranean network of tunnels, honing their set of spectral electronica and robot-rocking gutter funk.

Megzbow & Vinegar Tom

Field Mulch is—and I mean this as a compliment—like taking acid and swimming in a bog. The duo of Megzbow and Vinegar Tom specialize in warping recordings of their native Pembrokeshire, Wales into a nightmare version of its pastoral idyll. On their excellent debut from last year, Welsh Noise Vol. II, they stretched and twisted the sounds of livestock, log fires, and domestic cats until they would suit a John Carpenter film. Field Mulch is a live version of that album performed at London’s recently departed Iklectik. Not content to play it straight, Megzbow and Vinegar Tom added broken keyboards and dipped hydrophones into buckets of water, drenching the whole messy proceedings in an aquatic ambience. Just check the track titles: “Ronnie’s Wobble (Soggy Dub),” “Gong Bath (Submerged Dub),” “Sloshed Grandmother.” Jump in, the water’s fine, if a bit murky.

AllGods (DJ Set)

Born from Jordanian, Austrian, Heathen and Imperialist descent, the ecclectic and international dj / producer, Lawrence Whiteley aka ‘All Gods’ knows no borders with his sound. “Its about the people and the occassion, making and selecting a sintalating brew of tunes. Crafting a journey to invigorate the space and audience.” In honesty he just wrote that, and it is actually me Lawrence writing about ‘me’ in the 3rd person 😆 but sharing diversity and joy is for sure my vibe. On the night, following on from Clusters Of Eyes EP launch and epic sound, I will play a custom synth heavy set celebrating the bands influences and vibes. Ensuring some intoxicating flow to busy up the dancefloor xx

Lucy Foster

Projection visual artist who delves deep into the intersection of technology and art, continuously seeking to stretch the boundaries of projector possibilities.