‘Sunday Service’ feat. ALOSTMEN (Ghana)

Sunday 16th June

Free Entry

Pub open from 12pm – Live music from 6pm

Join us for the ‘Sunday Service’ early evening live music session featuring ALOSTMEN (Ghana).

ALOSTMEN are a traditional acoustic band from Ghana Using traditional instrumentation in entirely new ways. Their music is based around the Frafra traditions of the Kologo, a two-stringed lute, ancestor of the banjo.

ALOSTMEN is a band of 4 musicians coming from different ethnic groups. Alostmen comes from “a lost man”, one who is always on the move.

Stevo Atambire (lead vocals) is a Frafra neo-griot and kologo master. His voice, music and messages have made him very popular among his people.

Wanlov the Kubolor is a popular outspoken artist of Akan and Balkan roots. He plays the acoustic guitar and the koshkas (pendulum maracas popularly known as asalato). He also raps and sings.

Abednego Sowah Ako is a Ga master drummer from La, a coastal fishing town. Sowah plays the bass-like gome drum, kpanlogo, other percussions and sings Ga folk melodies.

Aminu Amadu is a dondo (talking drum) maestro of Nigerian/Ghanaian heritage. He can sound out any melody on his instrument and is a human metronome. He has mastered the polyrhythms and grooves of West Africa.

ALOSTMEN were awarded Best Live Concert at the famous Chale Wote festival 2018 in Accra.

“Alostmen pull you into their groovy world of energetic dance and pulsating melodies.”