‘Sunday Service’ feat. Gabriel Moreno + The Alan Baker Band (Germany)

Sunday 26th May

Free Entry

Pub open from 12pm – Live music from 7pm

Join us for the ‘Sunday Service’ early evening live music session featuring Gabriel Moreno + The Alan Baker Band (Germany).

Please note: since its a Bank Holiday weekend, we’ll be starting the live music a little later at 7pm this week.

Gabriel Moreno

Gabriel Moreno is Gibraltarian singer-songwriter, currently based in London. An irresistibly engaging performer, he combines a latin exuberance and passion with a rare lyrical calibre (he is also an accomplished poet, with 12 books published to date). Performing on nylon string guitar and accompanied by pianist Ned Cartwright, clarinet player Alice Williamson and bass player Adam Beattie, he creates a live experience that has been described as ”Taberna Folk” – at once both energetic and intimate, anarchic and absorbing.

He has thrilled audiences across South America, the USA and Europe, including recent sets at UK festivals Wilderness, The Great British Folk Festival and Purbeck Valley Folk Festival, and has been championed by the likes of BBC 6 Music’s Cerys Matthews, with his sonorous baritone and poetical lyrics often seeing him compared to such luminary wordsmiths as Leonard Cohen, Nick Cave and Bill Callahan.

Moreno’s unique artistic voice lies in the meeting and fusion of different identities. Born and raised in Gibraltar, a British territory bordering southern Spain and just 8 miles from Africa, he has since lived and performed across the world, absorbing influences from music, literature and art everywhere he went. Now considered one of the most compelling and distinctive artists in London’s thriving folk and roots scene, he was previously the longtime curator and host of the legendary Lantern Society folk club, and in 2022 was awarded the title of Cultural Ambassador of Gibraltar.

Moreno won the Introducing Stage at the Great British Folk Festival in 2019, and although the Covid-19 pandemic forced a temporary hiatus for many artists, he could never let his creativity stagnate; 2023 sees the release of his 3rd album since the start of the pandemic, Wound in the Night, with an accompanying packed touring schedule across Europe, as well as a second book of poetry in that time entitled Heart Mortally Wounded by Six Strings.

The Alan Baker Band (Germany)

Performing hypnotising power-pop. A rare chance to catch them on tour from their homeland of Germany.

Featuring …

Torsten Tortsenson: full of singing, full of winning, full of gentleman, full of here i am.

Ulf Henkemeier: full of beat, full of heat, full of bass, full of grace.

Christl Pullmann: full of trash, full of bash, full of crash.

Let it be known, this combination is a guarantee for wild beat vibration and hot hit sensation!