Wednesday 19th April


Doors: 7:30pm
General admission – unreserved seated show
Age requirements: 18+

Thanks to Oxy Moron Liz Truss for the tour name. Attila the Stockbroker, is, obviously, the leader of the Left Wing Economic Establishment. The difference of course being that Attila the Stockbroker is a silly stage name (his real name’s John) and Truss actually believes the Left Wing Economic Establishment exists!

Punk poet, latterly dub poet, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Attila the Stockbroker exploded into public consciousness in 1982-3 via two John Peel sessions and a Melody Maker front cover and is now celebrating over forty years earning a living doing what he loves. So far: nearly 4000 gigs in 24 countries, some 20 CD/s LPs, eight books of poems, his autobiography ‘Arguments Yard’ (Cherry Red Books, 2015) and his collected works ‘Heart on my Sleeve’ (2021) His latest album, just out and endorsed by his old friend Ben Zephaniah, is a dub poetry collection ’40 Years In Rhyme’ with rhythms from Kingsley Salmon and What’s Left Dub, and his previous one, 2018’s ‘Restoration Tragedy’ combines early music and punk – a lifelong ambition – with tales of the English Revolution of 1649.

Attila’s current performance comprises spoken word, dub poetry, acoustic songs and a bit of early music on ancient instruments. He really doesn’t sound like anything else.

An output best described as genre fluid.