Saturday 25th February


Open 12pm // Live music from 8:30pm

The Lighthouse and Brachliegen Tapes present an evening of experimental musick.


Left Hand Cuts off the Right is the long-running experimental sound project of Robbie Judkins. Judkins is a sound artist and musician, radio broadcaster and events organiser. His audio work focuses on performance, improvisation, composition and broadcasting. He explores political and personal issues: human & non-human animal relationships, mental health, work, sound as therapy, activism and noise. Left Hand Cuts off the Right combines elements of focused minimalism, experimental electronics and twitching musique concrete to create dense and meditative sound work. Judkins exploratory practice of sonic experimentation invokes the work of Black to Comm, Laaraji, Ashtray Navigations and Kali Malone across a dense sonic palette. During live performances, Left Hand Cuts off the Right experiments with acoustic instruments and circuit bent electronics — zithers, synthesizers, field recordings, percussion and effects — to clash and meld together sparse melodic cells, dense drones and scrapes of resonant percussion.


During a decade of sound performances and recordings, Tasos Stamou has developed a unique style of live electroacoustic music composition. Long and continuous pieces are created in situ using a “portable electroacoustic music studio”. His work explores the space between ancient and contemporary transcendental music, using both traditional and advanced media. His gear consists of acoustic (prepared strings, reeds, recorders, objects) and electronic instruments (self-made electronics, modular synthesizer system and live processed feedback loops). Based on sustained tonal textures and free improvised instrumental solos, his live compositions create a particular and unique atmosphere of ritual noise. Stamou’s process builds a rich textual palette, burrowing deep to create a den of sonic transcendence, a place where shared cultural histories and individual wounds are broken down and confronted.