Saturday 4th February


Open 12pm // Live music from 8:30pm

Dan Lyons is a Margate based musician and songwriter. In 2021 Dan and his band The Tenants set up a DIY studio in an old theatre and recorded the follow up to 2020’s ‘SubSuburbia’ in just 10 days. The result is Lyons’ rawest and most intimate work to date. Recorded live with minimal overdubs the album is a blast of uncompromising truth reminding us all to stay awake when the vultures are circling.

“If music was scholarly then Dan Lyons would hail from that of Bob Dylan and Lou Reed. His lyrics are commanding, both piquant and hard-hitting. Take ‘Biarritz ft. Clémence Quélennec’ for example, with its imagery of Southern France in the 1960s evoked through a bouncy drum-beat and catchy riff. Its clever narrative brings immersion, as Dan recalls memories of a short-lived, lop-sided romance and spins characters and settings into life. Through vivid imagery rarely seen in song, he can tell stories in earnest… Dan Lyons is a storyteller. In another life, he’d find himself living amongst the Beats of New York’s Greenwich Village or living rent-free as a poet in Paris’ Shakespeare & Co.”CLASH MAGAZINE

With support from Connor Beerling.

The delicate echoes of every word and every note evoked from young troubadour Connor Beerling, evokes the mystery, melancholy and hope of revolution and change. A paradoxical voice, both husky and pristine, interwoven with whimsical arpeggiations and powerful chords, that bring the masses together to fight for a better tomorrow. Like Dylan before him, he caresses and invigorates our ears with human lessons, emotional pathos and the musically exquisite. For the neglected and impoverished, he fights for all whose voices have yet to be heard, and returns the soul to those who have gone astray.

Plus support TBA.