Saturday 6th November

£30 per person

6:30 PM | Dinner at 8 PM

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Ghar Ka Khana at The Lighthouse
An Ode To The Matriarchs | Inspired By ‘Home’

‘Ghar Ka Khana’, literally translating to ‘home (ghar) food (khana)’ is a conceptual dining experience inspired by the intertwined feelings of ‘home’ and ‘food’.

It is an expression used by most Hindi-speaking individuals to express the comforting, familiar and unique food cooked at their home.

Our ‘ghar ka khana’ is rooted in food culture from the North-West & West of India and Sindh, in Pakistan. Through our ancestry and our experience of life in different parts of India, our menu is a reflection of traditions passed down from the matriarchs of our family, continuously developing through personal exploration.

We would like to invite you to experience the warmth and love of our culture through our food during Diwali—the festival of lights and regarded as the Hindu New Year.

The experience is inspired by how we host guests at our home in India, so we welcome you to join us as family.

The evening will begin at 6:30pm with floating snacks. Drinks are to be ordered separately from the bar.

Dinner will be served on the table at 8 PM community style.

We request you to please be present before 7:15pm to ensure you get the entire experience.

Protip: Enjoy the snacks but don’t enjoy them so much you don’t have space for the rest of the meal.

Come prepared for a feast!



Dhokla w/ Coriander and Tamarind Chutney
Fermented and steamed savoury & spicy cake
Galouti Kebab w/ Yoghurt and Herb Dip
The melt-in-your-mouth kebab gets a vegan make-over

Mains (served “thali” style)

A warm belly hug of rice and lentils
Dadi’s Dahi Kadi
A unique version of yoghurt “curry” developed by Dadi (paternal grandmother)
Nani’s Bhaingan Disc(o)
Nani’s (materal grandmother) Sindhi style spiced aubergine discs
Tukre Ki Aloo
The childhood favourite- spicey and crispy potatoes from Dadi’s kitchen
Papad (not pappadum!)
Flame roasted papad for much needed crispiness
Home-made pickles to add even more flavour to your meal!


Gajjar ka Halwa w/ Ice Cream
Sweet and warm carrot pudding served with ice cream

*vegan and gluten free
*menu is subject to minor changes
*please let us know about any food allergies or intolerances

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