Saturday 22nd October


Open 12pm // Live music from 8:30pm

John Motors is an exciting new funk organ trio from London, UK.

The band draw on the classic funk traditions, whilst bringing to the mix their own rich musical backgrounds. A heavy focus on the blues is ever-present, whilst the uplifting characteristics of soul and groove music give the band an ultimately optimistic voice.

The timeless combination of organ and guitar, pairing huge orchestral power with percussive and melodic tones, is reimagined in a band that strives to weave these timbres. The melodic and harmonic interplay of Reuben Ard (organ) and Izzy Stephens (guitar) is backed up by hard-hitting groove machine Andreas Ziarkas (drums), who completes the trio with energy and rhythmic intricacy in equal measure.

Having recorded their debut EP in early 2021, John Motors continue to evolve their sound and explore new areas of composition. With multiple collaborations on the horizon and live performances making a comeback, John Motors stand ready to fuel the groove with a passion.