Friday 12th May


Open 5pm // Live music from 8:30pm

A very special Friday night international double-bill …


The three-piece Omni Selassi was brought together by Rea Dubach in 2019. In a flash of inspiration – for what hardly anyone would have expected at the time: since then, the band from Biel, Bern, and Leipzig with Rea Dubach (voc, git, efx), Mirko Schwab (dr, electroharp, git) and Lukas Rutzen (dr, perc, bass) has been chased from one stage to the next. Rarely does the same thing happen twice: Omni Selassi play on to musical doom. And nothing remains as it was: split and disassembled, symbiotic, androgynous, kaleidoscopically polytoxic. Two drummers meet a singer, a guitar and all kinds of other stuff, knickknacks, shenanigans. Pop, grunge, ritual, punk, never as dogma, always as an attempt at failing. Or: What’s left of rock music in the year 2022 after C.

Omni Selassi are:

Rea Dubach: Vocals, Guitar, Synth
Lukas Rutzen: Drums, Synth
Mirko Schwab: Drums, Electroharp


Andy Abbott is best known for his deafening guitar work in the leftfield rock bands That Fucking Tank and NOPE with whom he has toured internationally on the DIY underground circuit, as well as mainstream gigs supporting Foals and appearances at Leeds and Reading festivals. As ADRA (and previously as Elizabeth) he has releases on labels including Bloxham Tapes and Crow Versus Crow; has collaborated with Alice Hubble, Aby Vulliamy and Dean McPhee; and toured the UK with Italian solo guitarists Maurizio Abate and Above the Tree. His latest release on Reverb Worship (2023) is a lathe-cut 8-inch record of a two-part electric guitar composition exploring the role of technology in the postcapitalist utopia of Erewyrehve. Live performances employ extreme dynamics via multiple instruments and amplifiers and are accompanied by his own and others films to create a meditative head-cleansing experience.