Thursday 4th November


Booking fee: £1.50 (per transaction)

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Doors: 7pm // Comedy from 8pm
General admission – unreserved seated show
Age requirements: 18+

Host Nick Wilty presents an all-new night of stand-up comedy! Come on up to the house for barrel of laughs courtesy of performances from established comics.

Host Nick Wilty presents an all-new night of stand-up comedy! Come on up to the house for barrel of laughs courtesy of performances from established comics.

Mike Gunn

“One of the ten leading stand-ups in Britain”INDEPENDENT
“Mike Gunn will make you die laughing”GUARDIAN

Mike Gunn’s history is as interesting and entertaining as his comedy. A misspent youth and a series of grim jobs cultivated his cynical outlook on life and a perverse desire led him to the world of stand-up. A self-confessed pessimist, he describes himself as “not a natural choice for a career in laughter”.  He has a rare ability to walk close to the line of what audiences find acceptable and yet still remain likable and funny. His reputation for being a bit unfriendly, a touch dark and even morose is really not true. In real life he’s loving, warm and philanthropic. Just a bit misunderstood.

Television appearances include Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow (BBC1), Celebrity Deal or no Deal (CH 4), Harry Hill’s TV Burp (ITV), Al Murray’s sit-com ‘Time Gentlemen Please’ (Sky), Soccer AM (Sky 1), The Comedy Store (Comedy Central), Live At Jongleurs (CH5), and The Gas (CH4).  He is a regular on the Sky Poker channel. He has also been a contributor for The Guardian. He has written for Time Out, The List, The 11 O’clock Show (CH4) and  Match of The Day Magazine. even though he hates football

Phil Nichol

“Phil Nichol is a born entertainer, he can do everything from musical comedy to one-liners, storytelling, characterisation, blue comedy — you name it.” – ★★★★★ The Scotsman

“Every Nichol gig is unique, it has to be lived, you just have to be there, to absorb the atmosphere he creates and of course laugh until the stomach muscles ache for they surely will.” – ★★★★★ One 4 Review

Phil Nichol is a truly unique performer. An acclaimed actor, award winning comedian, producer, presenter, writer and musician, there is no end to his talent!

Phil is an energetic and exciting performer with an unquenchable thirst to break boundaries and innovate with his work. His skill as an improviser whether it be musical, comedy or straight is unparalleled. With a surreal edge to his mischievous rantings, Nichol always brings something new to the stage. His keen sense of fun and eye for the shocking and absurd has cemented his position as one of the best comedians on the circuit today – shown clearly by his record-setting six nominations for the Chortle Awards’ Best Headliner/Club Comic. Phil’s assured and award winning performances in his theatrical work have attracted critical accolades and see him in great demand as an actor.

He has appeared on numerous TV shows including Holy Flying Circus (BBC Four) Richard Bacon’s Beer and Pizza Club (ITV4) One Star (BBC1 & BBC2) The Graham Norton Show (BBC1) and Never Mind the Buzzcocks (BBC2).

In August each year he can be found at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival where he regularly picks up 4 and 5 star reviews.

In 2011 he was the winner of the Scotsman Fringe First for his solo show Somewhere Beneath it All, A Small Fire Burns Still.

Phil headlines all the major comedy clubs around the country as well as performing at many corporate events as both host and after dinner entertainer and is also in high demand for work as a voiceover artist.

Nick Wilty

Wilty has the sort of easy-going, blokey style that could convince a hundred bar-room loudmouths that they could oh-so easily become stand-ups. They’d be wrong.

For while Wilty makes it all seem so effortless, just like that witty mate shooting the breeze in the pub, he’s a remarkably skillful comic, pinpointing the humour in any anecdote and delivering it with brilliant accuracy.

And he has plenty of tales to tell, too. As the most widely travelled act on the circuit, he has a lifetime of experiences from across the globe that he can relate to grateful audiences. These are not involved stories, merely pegs on which to hang his one-liners, some of which are reasonably straightforward, but other of which conceal a delicious twist.

On stage he might seem reassuringly old school – cocky and self-deprecating in equal measures, while never missing the opportunity for a quick one-liner or sly insult – but it proves devastatingly effective, and more than a bit deceptive.

For this Jack-the-lad exterior hides a sharp, imaginative comic mind, capable of producing the sort of subtle, postmodernist comment you might more likely expect from a well-spoken Oxbridge type. t’s a talent that allows him to straddle highbrow and lowbrow audience with equal aplomb.

In short, this accomplished comic, with a sizeable, ever-changing repertoire, is virtually guaranteed to please.