‘Sunday Service’ feat. Dead Man’s Corner

Sunday 17th February

Free Entry

Pub open from 12pm – Live music from 6pm

Join us for the ‘Sunday Service’ early evening live music session featuring Dead Man’s Corner.

Boltz, for thus he is often known, is a legendary singer and guitar player whose career goes right back to the 1960s-70s. In his earlier days with hard rockers Atomic Rooster (under his given name Steve Bolton). Later on he played as a session musician and also a touring player for The Who, Paul Young (in his band The Royal Family), Scott Walker and many others….

Dead Man’s Corner“A perfect car crash coming together of Pop, Garage, Surf , Themes From Imaginary Movies smothered in Twang, featuring the Daredevil Trio of Boltz, Mole Lambert & Mark Hyslop!”

“Steve you are one of the Last Gods Of Rock!”Jerzy Granis