Sunday 6th August

Free Entry

Pub open from 12pm – Live music from 6pm

Join us for the ‘Sunday Service’ live music session featuring Gas Kunst with support from Clusters of Eyes.

Gas Kunst

Gas Kunst provide food and sustenance for hungry primates. Gas Kunst wander through the world, catch their reflection and see imposters. How to find spirit amid such alienation? Gather in a room, grab instruments, play, record, play. Musical influences? The pure pipes of Karen Carpenter, the dextrous chug of Wilko Johnson, the incessant clatter of reindeer hooves. Let us pray.

Clusters of Eyes

Two brothers versus the machines. Clusters of Eyes debuted at Smugglers Festival 2018 and have since been inhabiting coastal Kent’s subterranean network of tunnels, honing their set of spectral electronica and robot-rock.