Sunday 10th October

Free Entry

Pub open from 12pm – Live music from 4pm

A double-bill ‘Sunday Service’ special featuring The Gulls plus Claire Pitt Wigmore and her band!


A four piece playing original blues rock & roll and living in their vans on the road with a free, rebellious spirit.

Formed in Camden in 2020, at a time when venues were closed, The Gulls moved into their vans and started out on an unplanned tour across the UK and Europe.

Taking to the streets, beaches and rooftops, they busked to earn a living, and began to hone their rebellious, freewheeling sound as well as their exciting, playful on stage presence.

The enigmatic, storytelling approach of frontman, Will Fairhead, and virtuosic solos provided by multi-instrumentalist, Eddie Ogle, give the outfit a throwback feel to bands such as The Doors, Pink Floyd and The Grateful Dead.

They are now on a hybrid tour of the UK, mixing their DIY impromptu style with a string of venue concerts across the country.

Multi-instrumentalist musician who performs soaring blues guitar solos that are accompanied by ambient vocals and soulful chord progressions.