Sunday 24th April

Free Entry

Pub open from 12pm – Live music from 6pm

Join us for the ‘Sunday Service’ live music session featuring The Homing.

The Homing play genre-bending original music that can’t decide if it’s folk, country, folk-rock, country-rock, alt-country (etc) – but it is catchy, singalong tunes about real life, sung by the amazing Dani Somerside and June Brawner on keyboards and guitar. Oasis’ producer Stuart Epps, who also produced their first single, thinks they sound like Fleetwood Mac, and they’ve been trying to shake off the comparison ever since.

They’re best known for the way they write their songs – using aleatory (random) techniques (Mozart and Bowie did it so it must be OK): throwing darts, blindfolded, into bookcases, choosing pages at random and drawing chords out of the top hat Dani wears on stage (and, goddamnit, still sounding like Fleetwood Mac). In an attempt to break new ground, the latest song was composed by visiting the local dump and getting a 3 year old to grab a book out of a recycling skip. It was Bede’s Ecclesiastical History of The English People, posing a significant, but not insurmountable, challenge. Listeners say it reminds them of Early Medieval Springsteen*. There were three copies of 50 Shades of Grey in the skip – which would have been torture.

They have released two albums, Valley of Bones: (2015), In the Wood: (2017) – available from all good record stores. Their third album, the eponymous ‘THE HOMING’ was delayed by the Covid crisis and is hopefully due for release in 2022 and will feature a 15 voice gospel choir (Covid permitting!).

With past and present members from the USA, New Zealand, Canada, Spain, Mexico, Greece and Peckham and Yorkshire, they have a dreadful habit of losing guitarists (6 at the last count) so please check your bags on the way out.