Sunday 12th December

Free Entry

Pub open from 12pm – Live music from 6pm

Join us for the ‘Sunday Service’ live music session. A double-bill special featuring …

The Very Lazy Sundays

We’re four unlikely lads scattered from Kent to Northampton bonded by a love of melody, tight harmonies & cheeky grooves. Our songs are vignettes, little snapshots, heartfelt & delivered with honesty. From diverse influences spanning UK lo-fi hip hop through to Simon and Garfunkel we’ve managed to shape our very own unique Very Lazy sound. A little bit of musical sunshine to make your soul smile.

Estelle Mey

Singer and songwriter, she started music in Iceland, where she used to live. Gaining influence from alternative rock, Estelle mixes power and lightness into her music. Her intense and contrasting voice takes you on a journey as you fly from the Icelandic landscapes and back to a stage with Robert Plant-esque feel.