Thursday 28th September



Open 5pm // Live music from 8pm

The UYC are super excited to have the Anabollic Steroids and CRABS playing LIVE on the show. As this is a band we are transferring the radio studio to the Lighthouse for one night only. Get in early – this FREE event will fill up fast!!

Anabollic Steroids

The Steroids formed in the late 70’s declaring their take on punk, ‘STINK’ as they truly couldn’t play & embraced the ‘Swindle’. Piss takers with attitude, regarded as antagonists by Crass & Exploited fans alike. Anabollic Steroids (deliberate misspelling) are a punk band who first appeared in 1978 as a hoax, with sessions taped from John Peel shows. Young punks James Bondage and Kappa pushed the fake demos around their school, convincing peers that they were a proper band. By 1981, with the introduction of Steve Steroid and 999 Si, they had recorded their own material and become a genuine gigging band. Gigging in London, they established a loyal fanbase dubbed the Steroid Barmy Army, before splitting in ’83, having learned to play. Reassembled in 2012 at the 12 Bar in London which led to the band reforming, to kill punk off once & for all.


Write what you know, they said. And so CRABS began documenting the mundanity of their lives and the world around them. Without meaning to they discovered anger, excitement and the universal truth: everywhere smells of skunk. It all arrives on a wave of snapping punk riffs and the nagging doubt that you might be exactly what you’re railing against.